• uBLOX MAX-M8Q 5V GPS Breakout for Active Antennas

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    This is an assembled breakout board with a uBLOX MAX-M8Q-10 module and SMA female connector suitable for connecting to a suitable active patch antenna (See related products).


    Suitable for HAB Usage Max Altitude 50,000 meters / 164041 feet in Flight Mode.


    The board is constructed on 1.6mm PCB and features a PPS LED and Supercap for retaining settings through power cycles. Improved power filtering over previous versions.


    On the header are TX, RX, TP (PPS Output), 5V Supply (4.5V to 30V), I2C SDA/SCL and GND.


    The MAX-M8Q delivers all the benefits of the u-blox 8 GPS platform in a more compact form factor than ever before: high-sensitivity, intelligent power management.


    Supporting temperatures down to -40'C and featuring a TCXO for better power saving and quicker startup the MAX M8Q is an ideal module.


    As per the data sheets the MAX M8Q can use upto 22mA under aquisition (5mA in power save mode once tracking).


    The breakout has the following dimensions : 22mmx22mmx1.6mm approximately.


    The default baud rate is 9600bps.

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    YouLoop HF loop antenna

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    Electrically balanced passive loop design with low loss RF transformer to cancel the responses to electric fields.
    Ideal for noisy environments where electric-field sensors like the mini-whip antennas are impracticable.
    High Performance DX when used with a low noise preamplifier.
    High quality 2 meters (approx. 6 feet) transmission line included.

    • HF Portable & Flexible Receive Loop Antenna
    • Covers HF frequencies (10 kHz to 30 MHz)
    • Usable on FM/VHF up to 300 MHz as a folded Dipole
    • Maximum power 250 mW
    • Passive Design
    • No Tuning required
    • Low-Loss Wide-Band BALUN with 0.28 dB loss typ.
    • Connection: SMA Male on the end of the feedline.
      Package contents:

      2 x 1m RG402 18 GHz Coax with SMA Male Connectors – Branches
      1 x 2m RG402 18 GHz Coax with SMA Male Connectors – Transmission Line
      Phase Inverter
      T shaped low-loss wide-band BALUN


      Airspy HF+ Discovery (Recommended)
      Airspy HF+ Dual Port (with R3 shorted)
      Any other SDR with MDS < = -140 dBm (There aren't that many)
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