Frequently Asked Questions

The antenna input of the Spyverter is opposite the USB connector. The connector beside the USB connector is attached to the Airspy input.
If a coaxial switch is used, the Spyverter connector beside the USB port is connected to one of the switched inputs, and the switch common is then attached to the Airspy.
The USB connector is not needed when used with an Airspy SDR.
Or, you can just reference the picture below… (note the USB connector position under the A in Airspy.US)



USPS Priority Mail is tracked and insured (to full value of the shipment). It also arrives to you within 1 to 3 days from shipment for the USA, and 6-10 days for Canada. We strive to provide the best service with the best products, and we know how aggravating it is waiting for a week or more for your order to arrive. That was one of the driving motivations for establishing our USA distributorship. As soon as we heard Airspy was open to a USA source, we immediately jumped on the opportunity to be part of this 5-star product line. In fact, our manager suggested the idea to Airspy after waiting for several weeks for his order to arrive from the (at the time) only source. We apologize, but we cannot improve on the shipping time to Canada. The rates are already pretty steep for Global Priority Mail, and any faster shipping method would be pricing us out of the market. Still, we love our Canadian neighbors and hope our improved service will justify the shipping rates. As we gain experience in how much we can safely pack into each respective box size, we may be able to improve on the rate for multiple units.

We are required to collect sales tax in the states where we have a physical business presence. Specifically, that is Pennsylvania. Where we are located is the 6% tax rate. We do not collect tax for any shipments made to other states or Canada.

We are a distributor for Airspy through their manufacturer, ITEAD. In fact, we are the exclusive distributor for the USA and Canada. Airspy.com is the author’s website. Airspy.US is the domain we acquired in order to promote our USA distributorship of Airspy products. It is likely the easiest domain to remember for such a venture, and the more easily remembered, the better choice it is. It was between Airspy.US and ComeheretobuythebestSDR.com. It was a difficult choice, but one we feel we made correctly.

We strive to provide the best products. While the ultra-cheap dongles are nice to toy around with, they do not provide the performance of the Airspy series receivers. It is a far better value to purchase an Airspy receiver that will not suffer from the dynamic range, overload, and drift issues that plague all the ultra-cheap dongles. Even the “improved dongles” suffer the same issues. We know – we’ve tested them (know your competition and their weakness). They are a very slight improvement over the previous models.

We generally have no knowledge of when features will be added to products. We recommend asking your question on the Airspy eMail list.

While we may know of upcoming products as a business necessity to prepare for sales, we are not at liberty to release that information. As soon as a product announcement is made we WILL include it on our website home page as a NEWS item. The same applies when we have any new items available for sale or pre-order.

They were removed the request of Airspy, as they don’t want duplicate information on both sites. Information can be viewed at Airspy.com.

We will, upon approval, accept returns based on the following criteria:

ALL returns MUST receive pre-approval (RMA).

  1. Defective items are replaced or refunded (at our option).
  2. All refunds are subject to a 15% restock fee.
  3. Products damaged by the customer are subject to a $50 repair fee (restock still applies).
  4. S&H is not refundable once items are shipped. (USPS policy)
  5. As of 2019, PayPal fees are no longer refundable (PayPal policy)
  6. Since PayPal blocks refunds for disputed transactions, you agree to use our RMA process and not file a PayPal dispute for returns. Paypal disputes MUST be closed before RMAs can be issued. Filing a dispute nullifies the return/repair option while it remains open. We have no discretion in this policy – it is PayPal who blocks the refund, not us.

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