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Airspy SDR Receiver (R2)

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    • GPSDO (GPS Reference Clock unit) now available! (interface cable, too)


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SDR Receivers / Converters

  • 15 %

    Airspy R2 SDR

    5.00 out of 5
    • The antenna connector is a Female SMA.
    • Comes as shown with Airspy R2 SDR Receiver and USB cable.
    • Airspy Revision 2 improves the following:
    • Better USB noise immunity
    • Better ESD protection on the RF input
    • Added ESD protection on the dual High Speed ADC inputs
    • Better RF Shielding
    • Better RF Filtering
    • Replaced the USB connector with a custom designed, more robust, 4 through hole points model
    • Better thermal stability
    • Better compatibility with the SpyVerter
    $199.00 $169.00
  • 12 %

    Airspy R2 / Spyverter R2 combo set

    2.50 out of 5
    • Airspy R2 AND Spyverter in a package deal.
    • Includes the accessories of each item.
    • Best value for 1 kHz to 1800 MHz coverage.
    $249.00 $218.00
  • 17 %

    Spyverter R2

    0 out of 5
    • Adapts Airspy to cover 1 kHz to 60 MHz.
    • New R2 version with 80% current draw reduction.
    • GPSDO reference clock input (on board *).
    • 10 MHz instantaneous spectral view.
    • This is NOT “just another upconverter”.
    • The ideal expansion option for your Airspy.
    • Includes two barrel connectors + jumper.
    • No external power required (when powered by an Airspy)
    • NOTE: NO Micro USB power cable is supplied with this package. See below for USB cables when used with non-Airspy/Bias-T SDRs.
    • * External option coming soon.
    $59.00 $49.00
  • 17 %

    Airspy Mini SDR

    0 out of 5
    • Airspy Mini
    • Same specs as Airspy but 6 MHz view
    • Lower CPU requirements than Airspy
    $119.00 $99.00