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  • z(DISCONTINUED) uBLOX MAX-M8Q 3.3V SAW/LNA GPS Breakout With Sarantel Antenna

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    This is an assembled breakout board with a uBLOX MAX-M8Q module, front end LNA and Filter.

    The board incorporates an Infineon front end SAW filter and LNA for enhanced performance and faster lock times.

    We have two versions available. This one is suitable for 3.3V microcontrollers and logic levels.

    Suitable for HAB Usage Max Altitude 50,000 meters / 164041 feet in Flight Mode.

    The module is supplied with a 2.54mm 8 way header and a super cap for hot start/setting retention.

    The board is constructed on 1.6mm PCB and utilities the Sarantel/Maruwa SL-1252 Quadrafilar Antenna offering great omnidirectional performance and rejection of out of band signals.

    On the header are TX, RX, EN(Enable – turns on the level convertor on 5V boards), TP (PPS Output), 3/5V Supply I2C SCL/SDA and GND.

    The MAX-M8Q delivers all the benefits of the u-blox 8 GPS platform in a more compact form factor than ever before: high-sensitivity, intelligent power management.

    Supporting temperatures down to -40’C and featuring a TCXO for better power saving and quicker startup.

    The breakout has the following dimensions :

    3V Version 48.5mmx21mm (board edge to top of antenna) x1.6mm (13.2mm antenna diameter) approximately – Weight 10g

    As per the data sheets the MAX M8Q can use up to 22mA under acquisition (5mA in power save mode once tracking).

    The default baud rate is 9600bps.

    For getting started with this module see this wiki article :

    Datasheet :