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  • uBLOX MAX-M8C Pico GPS Breakout with Chip Antenna

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    This is new version of the popular pico break outboard, now with SCL & SDA. The board is assembled with a uBLOX MAX-M8C module, chip antenna and a decoupling capacitors.

    This board has VCC, GND and RX & TX, SCL & SDA for I2C.

    IMPORTANT : This module has no onboard voltage regulation so a clean regulated 1.8 – 3.6v power is required. If you want to link this to your microcontroller you must ensure it runs at 1.8 to 3.6v on the serial/I2C or you will risk damaging this module. Arduinos/PC Serial generally run at 5V so you will need a level converter.

    There is no provision for battery backup (V_BCKUP is hard tied to VCC).

    The MAX-8 family delivers all the benefits of the u-blox 8 GPS platform in a more compact form factor than ever before: high-sensitivity, intelligent power management.

    MAX comes in an ultra-compact, easy-to-mount 9.7mm x 10.1mm LCC package, and supports temperatures down to -40'C.

    Supports temperatures down to -40'C
    UART interface.
    RTC crystal for faster warm and hot starts
    Suitable for HAB Usage Max Altitude 50,000 meters / 164041 feet in Flight Mode.
    Supply Voltage 1.8 to 3.6V

    This module is designed to be as light as possible, weight is very light at 1.5g