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  • Raspberry Pi GPS/RTC Expansion Board

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    NEW FOR 2020 Now with RAW Output & Hardware RTC


    The Uputronics Raspberry Pi GPS/RTC Expansion Board provides a modern multi GNSS GPS receiver and hardware RTC with quick no soldering required connection to all Raspberry Pi boards with the 2×20 header (the original Pi Model A/B are not supported). Featuring PPS (Pulse per second) output to permit the use of the board for PPS disciplined NTP servers, RAW output available from the UBlox™ GPS module and twin super caps for GPS hot start/setting retention & maintaining RTC.


    This board retains backwards compatibility with previous generation Uputronics Pi GPS boards. With its features and ease of installation we believe this is the ultimate GPS /  RTC HAT for the Raspberry Pi.


    GPS Specifications:

    • 72-channel u-blox™ M8 engine
    • Up to 3 concurrent GNSS (BeiDou,Galileo,GLONASS,GPS/QZSS)
    • Default GNSS: GPS/GLONASS.
    • -167dBm Navigation Sensitivity
    • 10Hz navigation rate in multiGNSS mode, 18Hz in GPS only
    • RAW Output available via UBX-RXM-RAWX Message
    • 3V supplied to antenna port to power active antenna
    • Antenna requirements: Active 3V Ceramic Patch
    • No EEPROM settings must be sent at power up or saved to battery backed RAM.
    • Default baud rate: 9600bps
    • I2C Bus (Address 0x42)
    • Robust SMA antenna connection.


    For full documentation please consult the u-blox 8/u-blox M8 receiver description including protocol specification document (UBX-13003221) linked here:


    RTC Specifications:

    • Micro Crystal RV-3028-C7 Real Time Clock Module
    • Factory calibrated ±1 ppm @ 25°C
    • I2C Bus (Address 0x52)
    • Built in kernel compatibility
    • Provides year, month, date, weekday, hours, minutes and seconds


    In The Box

    1 x Raspberry Pi GPS/RTC Expansion Board
    4 x 11mm standoffs w/8 M2.5 Screws
    1 x Header with 4.93mm tails

    Full Data Sheet Here :

  • Raspberry Pi+ GPS Expansion Board

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    This is an GPS expansion board designed specifically for the both the version 1,2 and 3 Raspberry Pi+ Models.

    This board is designed for applications that use a GPS connected via the serial ports to the Raspberry Pi such as timing applications or general applications that require GPS information. To facilitate PPS the time pulse output is connected to a GPIO so you can utilize this board to give NTP PPS discipline. PPS does not work without an antenna.

    This board is equipped with the latest Ublox MAX-M8Q positioning module and high quality filtering capacitors and inductors throughout. The MAX-M8Q features a RTC Crystal, very low power usage and high performance. Although not a true timing module it is more than adequate for a Pi based NTP Server. Its worth noting the module can, with a serial command, be placed in “Stationary” dynamic mode which is the default mode for the much more expensive timing modules.

    The board features an SMA connector for an active patch antenna (see related products) power and PPS LED's. On the top is a super capacitor which can be used to retain any custom settings in the event of power loss (If the module is commanded to do so ). The MAX-M8Q is connected via serial to the Pi and the PPS is connected to GPIO18 (pin 12).

    A 2×20 way header is supplied and 2 suitable standoffs providing a very robust solution. The board follows Raspberry Pi's HAT physical layout with camera and display port notches. It is possible to stack additional HAT's on top of this board with the stacking header.

    To use this board to make a Stratum 1 NTP Server please follow these instructions here :

    Datasheet available here

    For the communication protocol see the u-blox 8 / u-blox M8Receiver DescriptionIncluding Protocol Specification.

    (The command to save settings is CFG-CFG)