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    YouLoop HF loop antenna

    5.00 out of 5

    Electrically balanced passive loop design with low loss RF transformer to cancel the responses to electric fields.
    Ideal for noisy environments where electric-field sensors like the mini-whip antennas are impracticable.
    High Performance DX when used with a low noise preamplifier.
    High quality 2 meters (approx. 6 feet) transmission line included.

    • HF Portable & Flexible Receive Loop Antenna
    • Covers HF frequencies (10 kHz to 30 MHz)
    • Usable on FM/VHF up to 300 MHz as a folded Dipole
    • Maximum power 250 mW
    • Passive Design
    • No Tuning required
    • Low-Loss Wide-Band BALUN with 0.28 dB loss typ.
    • Connection: SMA Male on the end of the feedline.
      Package contents:

      2 x 1m RG402 18 GHz Coax with SMA Male Connectors – Branches
      1 x 2m RG402 18 GHz Coax with SMA Male Connectors – Transmission Line
      Phase Inverter
      T shaped low-loss wide-band BALUN


      Airspy HF+ Discovery (Recommended)
      Airspy HF+ Dual Port (with R3 shorted)
      Any other SDR with MDS <= -140 dBm (There aren't that many)
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