02 – Why do you only ship via Priority Mail ?

USPS Priority Mail is tracked and insured (to full value of the shipment). It also arrives to you within 1 to 3 days from shipment for the USA, and 6-10 days for Canada. We strive to provide the best service with the best products, and we know how aggravating it is waiting for a week or more for your order to arrive. That was one of the driving motivations for establishing our USA distributorship. As soon as we heard Airspy was open to a USA source, we immediately jumped on the opportunity to be part of this 5-star product line. In fact, our manager suggested the idea to Airspy after waiting for several weeks for his order to arrive from the (at the time) only source. We apologize, but we cannot improve on the shipping time to Canada. The rates are already pretty steep for Global Priority Mail, and any faster shipping method would be pricing us out of the market. Still, we love our Canadian neighbors and hope our improved service will justify the shipping rates. As we gain experience in how much we can safely pack into each respective box size, we may be able to improve on the rate for multiple units.